Our intentions

Crystal clear

“In 2017, while I was sailing around the world, I reconnected with mother Earth. It became clear to me that in order to save nature for future generations, we need to work together as one: a global community protecting the planet.”

Today, with an international group of people from digital media and fintech, we all dedicate our time, money and network to bring a global challenge to the human scale. We partner with reputable nature protection organizations from all over the world. Together, we introduce a sustainable business model to collectively protect 50% of the planet. Meter x meter.

It’s so simple that everybody can contribute: protect 1 m² of nature for €1.20* and collect a uon, a geocoded digital proof of protection registered in your name. €1.00 out of every €1.20 goes directly to nature protection. The rest of the money is for the global roll-out of EarthToday, and VAT. Guaranteed, from day one. And instead using future profits to pay dividends to shareholders, we reinvest all of it in accelerating nature protection. We operate 100% for-purpose.

And this is needed, because over the last 100 years humanity has managed to protect just over 10% of the planet with the help of donations. We urgently need to change the game. We invite brands, entrepreneurs, investors, and influencers who want to be a part of the solution to join EarthToday. Get in touch.

Every meter counts.

* The €1.20 consists of €0.20 for a uon, including any applicable taxes, and a €1.00 donation to designated charities on top.